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Function + Design = Beauty



Clarus has officially made our hearts sing with their new Flip Boards which are one part art piece and one part glass dry erase boards. The art piece side is not only beautiful but is functional too. As acoustical panels that can be customized with various prints, patterns and colors, they help mitigate noise and are even tackable!

The Intelligent Chair

“The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed” – William Gibson


With technology moving at such a warped speed and transforming  industries along the way, we can’t help  but get excited about the future of our beloved industry. One of the best bi-products of this technology evolution is the plethora of innovative products that are brought to market. The Intelligent Chair by Nissan is one such product. Prompted simply by a clap, these chairs tuck themselves neatly in their assigned positions. Check out this video to see it in action!




Products We Love: Conenctrac

Connectrac 1 Connectrac 3 Connectrac Carpet 2 Modular-Quad-Receptacle1


Product: Connectrac

What is it: A floor-based cable management system that incorporates power, data, and communications from the wall to all interior commercial applications.

Why we love it:

It used to be very expensive to incorporate power and data into open spaces such as conference rooms, classrooms, and open floor plan offices. In the past, the only way to accomplish this was by way of core drilling (for areas located on an upper floor of a multi-story building) or by trenching (for areas located on slab). Connectrac bypasses both of these methods because it quickly and inexpensively installs within carpet and on top of any flooring, including concrete and wood. Check out this summary  of the study performed by RSMeans, a company that provides construction cost data, for an in depth comparison of Connectrac versus core drilling and trenching.

In addition to the cost saving benefits, we also love that Connectrac virtually eliminates the over-floor raceway “bump” and helps maintain the aesthetics of a space with clean lines and hidden cables.  On top of that, we really appreciate when products incorporate flexibility and ease of use and Conenctrac has done both. Installation is straightforward, with connection made possible via an existing electrical receptacle or to a junction box. Maintaining cables is even simpler, due to the removable wire way top cap. (As shown below). There’s also no need to worry about additional protection for power and data cables because they are encased in an ultra durable aluminum base and top cap.

Top Cap 1